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3 innovative recipes that go well with ice creams

Dessert that is sure to make you weak in the knees

By IANSlife

February 07, 2023 (IANSlifeFor all of us, whether we are children or adults, it doesn’t matter if it is winter or summer; the very mention of ice cream instantly makes us happy. Ice cream is not only a delicious addition to any celebration, but it is also well known to be a powerful mood enhancer. Everyone’s first dessert: the best buddy we’ve had since childhood is our favourite ice cream. While we have thoroughly enjoyed a variety of ice cream flavours, Baskin Robbins offers several creative and entertaining dishes you may make with your preferred ice cream to provide a healthy dessert.

Let’s look at some mouth-watering recipes:

Ice cream waffle sandwich

A match made in heaven – without a doubt, two of the most loved dessert options in one. A scoop of your favorite ice cream between two mini waffles, rolled in your favorite nuts and chocolate sprinkles with a dash of maple/chocolate syrup. This is the easiest dessert you can whip up in no time.

Ice cream tacos

Yes, you heard it right. You get the perfect crunch with each shell of taco filled with a teaspoon of chocolate spread, small scoops of ice cream and topped with berries. Once you are done filling up your taco, top it up with your favorite toppings.

Anytime sundae

A dream come true for many – some may even call it the most indulgent dessert ever made. Take a glass jar, add a layer of sliced fruits and strawberry sauce. For the second layer, top it up with a scoop of your favorite ice cream, some more strawberry sauce muesli,dry fruits and cranberries/raisins. Layer it with another scoop of ice cream and decorate it with a dash of honey, whipped cream, fresh fruit and more muesli. So go ahead and try some of these indulgent combinations.


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