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6-year-old girl attacked by strays in Lucknow

Lucknow, Oct 26 (IANS) A six-year-old girl was attacked by dogs while playing outside her house in Lucknow’s Saadatganj area.

The incident took place at around 8.30 p.m. on Wednesday night when the girl, Alia, was playing with her elder brother.

Suddenly, a pack of six dogs approached Alia and started barking. The frightened girl and her brother started to run.

While Alia’s brother managed to enter the house before the dogs could reach him, Alia, however, was not so lucky. One of the dogs made her fall and then bit her on the right side of her back.

The other dogs also attacked her.

Hearing Alia’s screams, a nearby shopkeeper, Saif Alam, rushed to help her.

However, the dogs attacked him as well and bit him on the hands.

Alam eventually managed to drive the dogs away with the help of other neighbours.

Both Alia and Alam were taken to a private hospital, where they were given first aid and a tetanus vaccine.

Doctors asked Alia’s parents to take her to Balrampur hospital on Thursday for rabies vaccination.

Alia’s father, Mohammed Akbar said: “We have reported about dog attacks multiple times to the local corporator, but nobody has paid any heed. I can hardly make both ends meet. I do not know how I will be able to get my girl treated.”

Lucknow Municipal Corporation animal welfare officer Abhinav Verma said: “We have not received any dog attack case report from Saadatganj, but we will probe the issue and stray dogs in the area will be sterilized soon.”



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