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August 03, 2022: Friends find it difficult to catch up or keep up, with each other’s lives in today’s hectic world. Having said that, taking a vacation together might just be what the doctor ordered. It may appear difficult, but it is not impossible. here’s a list of quick getaway options you can both squeeze into your hectic schedule.

Looking to indulge in extravagant luxury?

If you and your friends are looking to just lay back and relax at an extremely luxurious villa, this one in the heart of North Goa, is just the right place for you. Baale Resort Goa is a bespoke private pool villa resort situated in the charming village of Arpora, North Goa. As Goa’s first private pool villa resort, it offers surreal luxury that is tailored to deliver personalized experiences to its guests.  In addition to a treasury of seven fully-serviced artisanal luxury villas each with an attached private swimming pool, it offers a host of recreational facilities; all combined with personalized services and dining experiences.

The Gong Bar features a selection of fine wines, cigars and hand-crafted cocktails and world cuisine restaurant – Mandala, offers a handcrafted menu featuring a selection of gourmet fare and home-style meals. Furthermore, you can enjoy private chef services and personalized dining experiences from the comfort of your villa.

The perfect time for some wellness overload? 

Atmantan Wellness Center  is a 42 acre property, overlooking the pristine Mulshi Lake, land of crystals which are contributory to the Pranic Healing and Chakra cleansing. It is one of India’s most luxurious and result oriented integrated wellness destinations that provides lifestyle enhancement, disease reversal and notable transformations to all its guests.

‘Atmantan’ in its name and essence is the holistic amalgamation of atma (soul), mana (mind) & tan (body). It is a perfect blend of relaxing in luxury and attaining peace – mentally, physically and emotionally.

Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems developed more than 3,000 years ago in India. Atmantan offers you a unique blend of traditional skills, practices passed on by generations and modern high-end prosperity, making it the perfect choice for an enriching holiday with benefits of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Meditation.

In addition to vacations, holistic wellness breaks are now being taken seriously and have gained immense popularity. Therefore, taking into consideration how demanding out lives can get, one could benefit from the retreat and experience the lavish range of programmes to achieve your wellness goals while nourishing your soul, mind and body!

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