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July 17, 2022: A massive workload necessitates a vacation away from the bustling city life which alleviates stress. Make use of modern conveniences to pamper yourself, relax, and go on a digital detox. Raffles Udaipur, a magnificent country estate on Udai Sagar Lakes provides a perfect setting for a getaway. Indulge in delectable cuisine, delicious cocktails, a spa session and yoga instead of Screen time!

Along with being a great spot for a destination wedding, the property is a great choice for a quick getaway with the family, your significant other, or just by yourself to unwind and relax.

The hotel is at a 20-minute distance from the airport to the Hotel’s Lakeshore, where the legendary Raffles butler service escorts you to your private boat. Take in the gentle breeze and quiet whistles of nature while the boat gently takes you away from the mainland and into the illustrious world of Raffles.

Check into your room which features breathtaking views of the lake, enchanting garden rooms with private plunge pools. The contemporary styled rooms are fused with traditionally inspired handcrafted decor, making the abode a memorable part of your Udaipur journey. The vastly spacious suite offers a beautiful morning view of the mist slowly encasing the Lake.

In the evening step out for a walk and take in the sights around the property, spread across 21 acres, with beautiful sunset views of the  Udai Sagar Lake. Easily clock 10000 steps while spotting migratory birds and bountiful flora and fauna. After your walk, step into the striking Writers Bar, featuring a floor-to-ceiling library, a haven for every bibliophile who relishes a private, stimulating time; immersed in the works of great literary luminaries amidst classic architecture. Before dusk approaches, spend some time here indulging in the Signature Raffles High Tea experience, with innovative interpretations of tea, a selection of home baked scones and local jams or turn the pages of a book sipping on some meticulously curated cocktails, the best in the region.

On day 2, discover the Raffles Spa, a sanctuary to relax, rejuvenate and reconnect with oneself. Restore your inner balance and through the wellness retreats and feel your spirits lift. The spa is an impeccable blend of the ancestral healing techniques with modern day comforts. The relaxation treatment areas provide a unique space for one to revitalize the mind, body and soul. Located in the Zenana Quarters, the suites and treatment rooms encompass a private relaxation area, six therapy rooms and suites, an outdoor leisure pool and a Jacuzzi.

Influenced by the treatises of Ayurveda, holistic personalized treatments are thoughtfully created to remedy any imbalances in the life-forces or doshas guiding one towards true mindfulness. The therapies have been designed with an emphasis on sustainable practices to preserve the ecology of the region, whenever and wherever possible.

Spend the rest of the day lounging by the pool for a relaxing dip in the company of gentle chatter of nature, spend some time relaxing under the intimate shade of the cabana. After a power nap followed by a rejuvenating shower, dress up for The Long Bar, a two storied structure located in the heart of the island. Experience a sensational evening while chatting with other guests and trying out ceremonious drinks. Inspired by the Asian and Mediterranean specialties, the menu consists of authentic dishes from the Peninsula and tapas small plates from Spain.

For a gastronomic experience, and regional culinary masterpieces, indulge in a dinner at The Sawai Kitchen which chronicles the stories behind the lost recipes from the erstwhile families belonging to the Rajputana kingdom. The heirloom recipes are prepared by carefully coalescing local seasonal produce with traditional cooking techniques into a selection of courses, each belonging to a distinct ‘gharana’.  The best of the Sailana, Rajputana and Mewari regions are brought to you at the Chef’s table.

The property also offers a host of specially curated packages to make your journey even more seamless including A Royal Escape, the Raffles Summer Escape, Red Hot Rooms – An Accor Plus Member Exclusive at Raffles Udaipur.

Source: IANS