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Air pollution: Over 400 challans issued by traffic cops on Diwali

New Delhi, Nov 13 (IANS) The Delhi Police issued over 400 challans to vehicles violating traffic norms and government guidelines on Diwali, an officer said on Monday.

According to police, 84 BS III Petrol vehicles were issued challans for violating the ban on their plying on the road.

“Similarly, 318 BS IV Diesel vehicles faced legal action, resulting in 336 challans. Ten truck traffic entries were prosecuted (12 challans) due to a ban on their entry into Delhi, except for those carrying essential commodities or providing essential services,” said a senior traffic cop.

“Similarly, eight LCVs registered outside Delhi were penalised for violating the entry ban, excluding EVs/CNG/BS-VI diesel vehicles involved in essential services. Notably, no actions were taken against Delhi-registered diesel-operated HGVs/MGVs, as they were exempted when carrying essential commodities or providing essential services,” said the officer.

The officer further stated that from November 3 to November 12, a total of 2126 BS III Petrol vehicles were prosecuted for plying on roads, leading to the issuance of 2193 challans, out of which nine vehicles were impounded.

“A total of 9496 BS IV Diesel vehicles found plying on roads, resulting in the issuance of 9903 challans, out of which 33 vehicles were impounded. The ban on the entry of truck traffic into Delhi (except for trucks carrying essential commodities/providing essential services and all LNG/CNG/electric trucks) led to the prosecution of 197 vehicles, with 215 challans issued and impounding of 01 vehicles,” said the officer.

The ban on entry of LCVs registered outside Delhi, other than EVs/CNG/BS-VI diesel, into Delhi resulted in the prosecution of 281 vehicles, with 289 challans issued.

A total of 28 Delhi registered diesel HGVs/MGVs, except those carrying essential commodities, found plying on the roads, resulting in issuance of 28 challans, said the officer.

The officer emphasised collaborative efforts with other agencies to enhance traffic management, promote public transportation, and encourage the use of cleaner fuels.

“Non-destined goods vehicles are being redirected at major border entry points, and traffic signal timings are regularly adjusted to align with the actual traffic flow. We continuously urge citizens to adhere to traffic regulations, utilise public transport, and reduce vehicular emissions to contribute to better air quality,” said the officer.

In a dedicated move to prevent further deterioration of air quality, the Commission for Air Quality Management (CAQM) in NCR and surrounding areas, on November 5, resolved to earnestly implement all measures specified under Stage IV of the GRAP, designated as ‘Severe+’ Air Quality, for Delhi AQI levels exceeding 450, involving all relevant agencies in the NCR.

These measures prohibit the entry of truck traffic into Delhi, with exceptions for essential commodities and services, as well as LNG/CNG/electric trucks. Light commercial vehicles registered outside Delhi, unless they are electric or CNG-powered, are restricted from entering Delhi unless engaged in the transportation of essential goods or services.

Furthermore, under GRAP Stage 4, a ban is enforced on Delhi-registered diesel-operated Medium Goods Vehicles (MGVs) and Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) within the city limits.



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