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Arijit Singh’s new ‘Starfish’ single ‘Fanna Kar Lo’ is is a free-spirited, rebellious romance

Mumbai, Nov 9 (IANS) Singer Arijit Singh’s latest single ‘Fanna Kar Lo’ for the film ‘Starfish’ is a free-spirited, rebellious romance.

A full on mellifluous romantic electronic pop adventure, the track brings together the underwater worlds of actress Khushali Kumar’s ‘Rebel-Tara’, and the musical world of actor Ehan Bhatt’s ‘Neil-The Free Spirited’.

A simplistic composition, the song is primarily blending elements of electronic pop with the occasional bits of ‘70s style synth-pop, merging them with bits of symphonic music.

The composition is nonetheless creative as it does exactly what it is meant to do, which was to create a mood of timeless endless life, filled with romance and adventure.

‘Fanna Kar Lo’ is mainly carried by Arijit Singh’s vocals who at this point needs little praise. Putting his heart and soul into it, the vocals of Arijit are the best part of the song as it sublimely blends with the instrumentation and indeed inculcates the very mood that this track wants to bring about.

The song is thematically focused on just letting go and living for the moment, as it is the moment that defines you. A very common theme, it is not easy to bring about musically but ‘Fanna Kar Lo’ does it astoundingly well.

The music video also highlights this theme very well as the worlds of Tara and Neil collide, and while both live different lives they are both rebels and free-spirited at heart.

Adventurous and romantic, the two become fast friends before quickly transitioning into lovers. Neil introduces Tara to his world of music and festivities while Tara introduces him to her world of underwater diving.

Well crafted and sung brilliantly, ‘Fana Kar Lo’ is one song that will have listeners humming its tune constantly given its infectious melodies.

Directed by Akhilesh Jaiswal and written by Bina Nayak, the mysterious romance-drama is set in an underwater world, dealing with the heavy themes of grief and healing.

Formerly titled ‘Starfish Pickle’, the movie is now simply called ‘Starfish’ and will release in theatres on November 24.



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