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Both long-form, short-form content will survive in long run: Danish Sait

Mumbai, Sep 29 (IANS) Content creator-actor Danish Sait, who is known for his work in ‘777 Charlie’ and ‘One Cut Two Cut’, has shared his opinion on the increasing use of generative AI tools in the content landscape.

The comedian-content creator, who recently attended the YouTube Fanfest in Mumbai, also mentioned that both long-format and micro-format content will find their own course and either of them won’t impact each other as they both have a different set of audience and evoke different sensibilities in the viewers.

Talking to IANS, Danish said: “The impact of generative artificial intelligence depends on the kind of content creator you are. Let’s assume that you are a graphic designer with AI tools then it will make designing very easy.

“I can quote from my personal experience, my wife is a graphic designer, and she has been using the AI tools and while it has made her job easier, it has also resulted in more work. I have seen her working late nights, it’s very important to be able to control the AI tools.”

Explaining further, he quoted another example of creators who dabble in audio or video form on content: “When it comes to content creators for videos or audio, I think there is still an element of art which is very personal. When I do comedy videos, it’s largely based on personal observations. I don’t know if there’s something to be worried about right now as far as video or audio content creators are concerned.”

When asked what AI tool he would put his money in, he said, an editing AI suite.

The reason is two-fold as he said: “I would definitely invest in an editing software and by editing I mean two fold – one is the real time editing of the jokes as it will prevent me from ending in trouble on the Internet and the second is I can put the entire data dump and footage in the AI editing tool and it could give me the best possible edit with the good little background score and sound effects.”

Being a short-format content creator, he also spoke about the diminishing attention span of the audience: “I have worked in radio where I used to do prank calls on people and the average duration of calls was about a minute. Since then, it has been my conscious effort to bring down my content within the boundaries of a 60-second frame. I personally enjoy that time frame as it helps me make more videos as well because the longer format of content is production heavy and limits the quantity.”

“At the end of the day, it’s all about how engaging your content is, long-form or short form, it will work if the audience connects with it, both forms of content will co-exist,” he concluded.



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