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Can your mattress trigger stress & anxiety?

And be the reason for your ruined health

By Archit Gupta

January 08, 2023 (IANSlifeA key factor in promoting sleep is our bed. Our sleep cycle can be made or broken by the mattress we use to sleep. After a hard day of work, being unable to get enough sleep might make one feel irritable and exhausted the next day. One of the most significant contributors to stress and anxiety in people is a lack of sleep. It can eventually lead to problems with mental and emotional health. If the mattress’s materials aren’t designed for long-term usage, allergies and dust mites may thrive there. A faulty mattress can cause your body to droop over time, retain too much heat, and provide inadequate support, all of which can keep you from falling into a restful sleep cycle.

Making the best mattress choice requires the utmost caution and should be viewed as a long-term investment in your mental health. And even if there are a ton of alternatives on the market, your first focus should be selecting robust, high-quality, and clever technology that is intended to assist you to unwind as well as provide a scientifically supported increased sleep experience. Sleeping on an outdated mattress causes back discomfort and irritation, which raises cortisol levels in your body.

The mattress is one of the things that is frequently disregarded when determining what is causing you to snore. Your airways may be under strain or the tissues may be depressed if your mattress is not correctly supporting your body, which causes snoring. Snoring may be encouraged if the mattress is old. Your body conforms to mattresses, which makes it simpler for your airways to become blocked. Even though snoring is very widespread, few people are truly aware of its risks, which can even be fatal.

Memory loss results from the brain’s inability to enter REM sleep, which is when memories are produced. Since memories are generated during this deep sleep stage, it is important to enter REM sleep. You may start to develop mattress envy for other mattresses if your mattress is unable to provide balanced support and comfort.

If you wake up feeling more rested than you do after sleeping at home, your mattress is not performing its job. Studies have shown a connection between sleep deprivation and cognitive decline, immune system damage, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. A mattress that doesn’t offer enough support or pressure reduction might potentially cause pain the following day. For people who have chronic pain, this can be very crucial.

A mattress’s construction and materials have a big influence on how well it works. Denser foams, natural latex, thicker coils, and/or more coils are better able to support the weight of the sleeper and return to their original form over time than mattresses produced with less of these materials. Foams and coils of inferior quality, on the other hand, could degrade more quickly. The amount of pressure the mattress can withstand also affects how long it lasts.

Less pressure is placed on the mattress by single sleepers and those under 130 pounds, which may result in extended mattress life. Similar to how a guest room bed experiences greater pressure than a mattress used every night. While a mattress made of low-density polyfoam could be a perfectly pleasant alternative for occasional usage, your daily bed should be constructed of stronger materials that can withstand repeated use. One of the easiest methods to encourage peaceful sleep and enhance your general health is to invest in a high-quality mattress.

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