Photo Courtesy: The Times of India

Mumbai, Feb 24: ‘Kaamnaa’ actor Abhishek Rawat talks about the current episode in the show and shares his views on parenting. He is playing a caring father and the on-going track focuses on father-son bond.

Abhishek, who is also a doting father in real life, says: “Children today are really mature, as they pick up and understand things really quickly. Even when it comes to certain problems they are able to understand the situation really well and deal with it in their own manner.”

He gives his inputs on being a parent, saying: “As a parent myself, I believe that the right way to deal with issues that come up with our kids is to be patient and kind and understand that we’re on the same team, and not against each other. Instead of getting angry or hyper with our children, we should make a genuine effort to understand what they’re going through, what is the situation and guide them accordingly. It’s more about being their friend rather than a parent at that time and just hearing them out.”

Adding to this, he appreciates actor Tanmay Rishi Shah, who is playing the role of his son, Yatharth in the daily soap.

“I would like to appreciate the performance of Tanmay Rishi Shah’s, who with so much conviction portrays Yathu’s character in the show, depicting what children actually face in tricky situations like these. At such a young age he is doing a fabulous job and all of us are getting to learn a lot from him.”

“Today, parents need to be smarter and more careful while dealing with their children – instead of simply deeming them as innocent or immature, a dedicated effort should be involved in taking care of the problems that they’re going through,” he concludes.

‘Kaamnaa’ airs on Sony Entertainment Television.