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Deepak Rathore Project’s new song ‘Jaane Na Wo’ is a bittersweet song of a tragic romance

Mumbai, Nov 11 (IANS) Singer Deepak Rathore’s band Deepak Rathore Project have released their beautifully dark but romantic song ‘Jaane Na Wo’ which deals with the feeling of heartbreak after your partner is gone, leaving you lost inside your own memories of a once beautiful time.

Sung and composed by the group, the track is a pure acoustic production and consists primarily of acoustic guitars, combined with the electronic addition of some synthesisers for ambience.

The track is highly atmospheric and while repetitive in progression, ‘Jaane Na Wo’ having a repetitive composition rather suits it because it is about a man who is indeed just lost reminiscing about his love, who is gone after she left leaving him to wonder his memories alone.

As such, this a rather tragic song which is indeed heartfelt and with its serenity it is both beautiful and haunting given the context. The vocals are the biggest part of the song, and have been done very nicely.

Fused with some electronic lacing, Deepak Rathore’s vocals are mellifluous and soulful, and while not doing anything spectacular, the passion shines through in its simplicity thus proving that simplicity is sometimes the better option.

The video shows the singer along with actress Radhika Joshi as the two embark on a romance which is bittersweet in the end. Beginning their love with happy and wholesome moments, such as riding with each other, eating out, walking in the rain holding hands, and more, one day Radhika leaves his life.

Left wondering where she is, Deepak can’t sleep and is lost in thought as the pain lingers on for years. Left thinking about her all the time, in dreams and in daylight, he finally leaves the table where he first met her, leaving behind the ring he was going to give her.

Bittersweet and painful, ‘Jaane Na Wo’ is very real and grounded, and because it is filled with passion, it is one song that echoes the feelings of heartbreak, love, and tragedy very well.



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