Photo Courtesy: IANS

Bengaluru, Aug 12: External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar on Friday stressed that if China disturbed peace in the border areas, this will have impact on the bilateral relationship.

Replying to a query on the troubled relationship with China after the clash in Ladakh two years ago, he said: “We have had 15 rounds of talks at the (Corps) Commanders level and there are experts also attending along with the commanders. We have made some progress, some substantial progress in terms of the sides pulling back from places where they are very close.”

“There are still some places where they have not, but we have consistently maintained the position that if China disturbs the peace and tranquility in the border areas, it will have an impact on the relationship,” he added.

“I have said in 2020 and 21 and I continue to say in 2022 — our relationship are not normal. It cannot be normal if the border situation is not normal and the border situation right now is not normal,” Jaishankar said.

He said that the border situation remained a big problem as the military has been holding its ground for two winters.

“It’s something which has been a very resolute and strong position by the government which has been implemented on the ground by the armed forces. Obviously, because our positioning is very close, it’s a very tense situation, it also could be a dangerous situation, so we are having talks,” the Minister said.

Source: IANS