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Doja Cat makes fun of clone speculation

Los Angeles, Nov 14 (IANS) Instead of shutting down the rumours that she has been cloned once and for all, rapper Doja Cat has trolled her fans with contradicting videos on social media.

The 28-year-old rapper on Monday posted several videos on Instagram that saw her acting out different versions of herself.

Seemingly debunking the clone speculation, she said in the first clip, “What is up, you guys? It’s me, and I am just tuning in with you guys right now, letting you know that it’s me, and ahhhh, as far as I know, it is literally me.”

“So if you guys are ever curious about what is going on, stay tuned to me because me is me, and it’s me tonight, and it is also gonna to be me tomorrow, and it’s gonna be me next week…,” she continued.

“So thank you so much for tuning in, and stay tuned for the rest because it’s going to be a really big deal.”

In the caption, she wrote, “Stay tuned or be a piece of s**t it’s none of my business.”

However, in the next two videos, Doja basically told her followers not to believe her earlier claim.

“You guys, it’s not me. Whatever you saw…,” she said with a grin on her face, suggesting that an imposter made the previous video, reports

The rapper added in a separate post, “And it’s not me. It’s literally an imposter. You guys, do not believe whatever that was. I was someone else.”

Poking fun at Doja’s videos, one person weighed in, “Me when I smoke weed and try to tell a story this made my day fr.”

Others found Doja’s response hilarious, with one saying, “She loves trolling yall I’m crying.”

“Here she is back again with new content for us,” someone reacted, while a fourth commented,

“Doja Cat continues to keep her fans guessing with her unique and playful social media presence.”

Some others, however, found Doja’s social media posts troubling.

“She’s lost it, admit her in a rehab,” one concerned person claimed. Another suggested that Doja needs help.

It’s not clear where the clone rumours originated, but some people still refused to believe that there’s no truth to the wild theory.

“BRING BACK OUR REAL DOJA CAT….THIS ONE IS BEING CANCELLED,” one of them said, seemingly bashing Doja for her recent behaviours.

Another chimed in, “She looks cloned, tbh.”

One other alleged, “That’s what a clone would say,” while someone else claimed, “But she looks cloned truly…”



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