Photo Courtesy: IANS

Lucknow, July 28: An elephant statue installed at the Ambedkar Park in Lucknow, has been stolen.

The park was built during the Mayawati regime and has innumerable elephant statues in various sizes.

A case has been registered in the matter at the Gautam Palli police station by a security officer Niaz Ahmad.

According to Inspector-in-Charge Gautam Palli, S S Bhadauria, the weight of the statue was less than five kilograms.

A similar incident had taken place around two years ago after which all elephant statues were counted.

Police officials said that the CCTV footage of the area is being scanned since the spot from where the statue has gone missing, is usually out of bounds for public.

There is a hi-tech security system installed in the area which is under CCTV surveillance. At any given time, there are around a dozen security personnel deployed there.

Source: IANS