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June 26, 2022: Does the very thought of going out in monsoon scare you? With the onset of monsoon and slow transition from the summers, not only do we experience showers or the fluctuation in temperature but several skin problems too. Considering many people have worked remotely for about a year (or more), returning to a pre-pandemic workplace environment can take some preparation and mindset shifts, one of them is taking care of your skin.

As we head back to the office, the increased exposure to sunlight and sudden showers can lead to dry and irritated skin, acne breakouts, tanning, sunburns, inflammation, etc. Therefore, it becomes very important to tackle these itchy problems as they can lead to serious skin diseases and cause prolonged skin damage.

Cetaphil, an expert trusted brand has brought some simple solutions to all of your skin problems as the weather changes:

Dry Irritated skin: The sun is excellent at draining moisture away from surfaces, including our skin. This is why, after spending time in the sun, our skin often feels dry and itchy. To prevent the drying effects of the sun, use a non-oily, non-sweaty moisturizer. You may also use it in combination with a moderate cooling cleaner.

Acne breakouts: Oily and sweaty skin prepares the ground for the acne and pimples to thrive upon. When you touch your sweaty face, germs and bacteria get attached to it, and as the pores are open, these toxins will close the pores, get stuck inside, and cause acne. Acne can be reduced by keeping the skin clean on a regular basis. Carry your face – wash with you at all times and give it a brief wash at least three times a day or whenever you feel it needs it. You can try

Cetaphil PRO Oil Control Foam Face Wash has a deep cleansing formula, with hydrating glycerin and soothing zinc technology that instantly foams to gently remove pore-clogging impurities, makeup, and 99% of excess oil without overdrying skin.

Suntan: Constant sun exposure, which is more common across seasons, causes the skin to tan more easily. To keep your skin safe from tanning, try to stay out of the sun as much as possible. Sunscreen is essential, and Vitamin C-infused products may be added to your skincare routine to provide all-around UV &Infraredprotection.

Oily skin: Increased temperatures come with greater humidity and this further increases oil production from your skin’s oily glands giving you a wanted shiny look and breakouts. If not taken care of your oily skin, and your pores may become clogged and enlarge, thus resulting in the accumulation of dead cells. Cleanse your skin not more than thrice a day, excessive cleansing losses the much-needed moisture, keep applying moisturizer at regular intervals. This process should suffice from getting the skin too oily.

Heat Rashes: Clogged sweat glands prevent the evaporation of sweat from the body which causes tiny itchy bumps on the skin leading to a rash. Many people experience a prickly sensation on their skin when the bumps rupture and leak sweat. Wear lightweight, loose-fitting cotton clothes. Keep yourself clean and take bath using an anti-bacterial soap.

Source: IANS