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Gopal Rai flags off special water sprinkling campaign, anti-smog guns sent to 70 Assemblies

New Delhi, Nov 14 (IANS) As air pollution in the national capital has surged especially after Diwali, Environment Minister Gopal Rai on Tuesday flagged off a special water sprinkling campaign from Delhi Secretariat.

Implementing water sprinkling as a preventive measure can prove effective in mitigating dust pollution. By dampening the dust particles, water sprinkling helps in settling them down, reducing their suspension in the air.

” We saw that during rain the dust pollution had reduced. Now since the effect of rain is reducing slowly, we are increasing this campaign to sprinkle water across Delhi,” the Minister said/

“From today, 70 mobile anti-smoke guns have been started for 70 assembly constituencies. It will sprinkle water across Delhi to reduce dust pollution.”

Also in a post on X, the Minister said: “In view of the pollution situation, special water sprinkling campaign has been started in entire Delhi. Under this campaign, anti-smog guns were sent to all 70 assemblies of Delhi today.”

This simple yet impactful technique will not only improve air quality but also minimise the health risks associated with prolonged exposure to airborne pollutants.

Strategic and regular implementation of water sprinkling can be a crucial step in the comprehensive efforts needed to combat the escalating dust pollution crisis in Delhi.

Earlier on Tuesday, Rai had said that “the rules and restrictions imposed under GRAP-4 in Delhi will continue for now”.

The effect of rain is ending, hence we will emphasise on water sprinkling. We are also starting a campaign on this from 12 noon today.”

The escalating levels of particulate matter have been linked to respiratory issues, cardiovascular diseases, and other health complications.



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