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Here’s how you can throw best cricket-themed party ever

New Delhi, Nov 11 (IANSlife) The cricket fever is on and how! Cricket is so much more than just a sport in India. This fervent love for cricket goes beyond age, gender, or social status, making it an integral part of India’s cultural fabric. And while the cricket fever catches on, you can always host a cricket-themed to celebrate the joyous spirit of cricket with your loved ones. Here’s how you create Digital Creator, Simone Khambatta’s inspired cricket-themed party ever!

Set the tone for the party!You can send a quirky e-invite to your friends and family, showing off your passion for the sport and keeping their spirits high for a fun-filled cricket-themed party! Entertain yourselves by dressing up as your favourite cricketers! And don’t forget to make this dress code compulsory for all! The ambiance and space setting would definitely add to the mood and tone of the party. While planning to host a cricket-themed party at your place you can choose to go all out and decorate the space as you like with posters and cutouts of cricketers, and stumps, and even add in a few bats and balls lying around. Thoughtfully placing such elements of cricket will definitely get the adrenaline going.

What’s a party without good food:Stock up on some delicious snacks and treats that will keep the energy high and the fun flowing. From crispy potato chips and savoury popcorn to a colourful array of finger foods and an assortment of beverages, a well-stocked pantry is essential. Having an enticing spread of food will ensure that your cricket-themed party is a memorable experience for all your friends and family.

Transfer the thrill of the field onto a board game!Here comes the most important part of the party. What better way to enjoy a cricket-themed party than playing multiple rounds of a cricket-themed board game? Yes, you heard that right! Monopoly Cricket unites two legends, Monopoly and Cricket, bringing you the best of both worlds! The game is an absolute treat for all cricket and Monopoly fans, as the players build their dream teams, hire star cricketers, and compete to win the match!

Trivia night:Another way to amp up the party is to have a fun quiz around cricket trivia. You can have questions about teams, players, scores, countries, etc. You can also set people up into teams by using the classic ‘pick a chit’ method to ensure the strengths are divided, adding to the competitive spirit. You can also have prizes for people who win the quiz to make it more fun and interesting. For instance, the person who answers most of the questions can be awarded ‘Man/Woman of the match’ and the team that finally wins can be awarded the winning trophy!

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