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How many pairs of jeans do you actually need?

Discover the ideal denim collection for every fashion-forward individual
By N. Lothungbeni Humtsoe

August 08, 2023 (IANSlife) Jeans effortlessly blend style and comfort, making them a timeless wardrobe staple. They adapt to any situation, whether you’re dressing up for a casual outing or keeping it laid-back for a weekend at home.

But with the availability of so many styles, washes, and cuts, it’s easy to accumulate a mountain of denim.

So, Amol Kadam, the Head Design, of Spykar guides us through the different kinds of jeans and discover the ideal denim collection for every fashion-forward individual.

The All-Rounder: Classic Blue Jeans
Start with the classic blue jeans if you’re getting just one pair. This timeless piece never goes out of style and serves as the foundation of your denim collection. Choose a medium wash with a straight or slim-cut silhouette. Classic blue jeans effortlessly pair with t-shirts, shirts, blouses, and even light sweaters. They are versatile and evergreen, making them a must-have for every wardrobe.

The Sophisticated Essential: Black Jeans
When you need to add a touch of sophistication to your denim game, turn to black jeans. These sleek and stylish jeans can easily transition from a day at the office to a night out with friends. Pair them with a wide array of tops, from casual tees to dressy blouses. The dark hue creates a slimming effect, flattering for all body types.

The Edgy Statement: Distressed Jeans
Add some edge and personality to your denim collection with distressed jeans. With strategically placed rips and tears, these jeans exude a casual and rebellious vibe. They pair well with graphic tees, crop tops, and sneakers, perfect for creating laid-back and effortlessly cool outfits. Distressed jeans are a great choice for a casual day out or a music festival.

The Figure-Flattering Choice: Skinny Jeans
For those who love to flaunt their figure, skinny jeans are a must. These slim-fit jeans hug your legs and provide a sleek and stylish look. Show off those killer heels or tuck them into tall boots for a flattering effect. Skinny jeans can be dressed up with a blouse and blazer for a semi-formal event or dressed down with a casual tee for everyday wear.

The Relaxed Comfort: Boyfriend Jeans
If you crave comfort without sacrificing style, go for boyfriend jeans. These relaxed-fit jeans have a loose and laid-back feel, perfect for lazy weekends or running errands. Pair them with a fitted top and roll up the cuffs for a chic and effortless look. Boyfriend jeans add a touch of nonchalance to any outfit, making them a valuable addition to your denim collection.

The Retro Revival: Flared Jeans
Flared jeans are making a comeback in the fashion world. These retro-inspired pants feature a tight fit around the hips and thighs, gradually widening from the knee down. They create a flattering silhouette and are an excellent choice for elongating the legs. Pair them with platform shoes or chunky heels for a nod to the ’70s fashion era.

The Figure-Enhancing Option: High-Waisted Jeans
High-waisted jeans are a game-changer for those seeking a flattering and comfortable fit. The higher waistline accentuates the natural waist, giving the illusion of longer legs and a more defined waistline. These jeans come in various styles, from skinny to wide-leg, catering to different body shapes. High-waisted jeans pair well with tucked-in blouses, crop tops, and even sweaters during the colder months.


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