Target audience

While researching for topics or subject matters, kindly keep in mind that our news and videos are targeted at chiefly one group of people – which are our target audiences: Indian community in Australia.


We need news and videos that fall in these categories: Local news originating within the Indian communities from various Australian states, Business and Investment, Interviews, Immigration, Health, Travel, Arts and Culture, Kitchen and Cuisine, and Bollywood.

Possible stories and ideas for video coverage in various Australian states

  • Interviews with newsmakers, industry experts, prominent people from within the Indian community
  • Community members interviewed for their views on recent or current/developing news
  • Community events coverage

How to produce

With smart phones having high-resolution video shooting abilities now, possibilities are too many. For instance, you can record a video within Twitter, where you can record your voiceover while recording. Facebook also gives a similar ability. You can also explore Go Pro’s Quik app or even iMovie.

Another possibility is you interviewing community members on a focused theme and recording with just your camera, panning to yourself or the interviewees intermittently.

If you are doing an explainer video or a recipe shoot or demonstrating some process, you can just use a table top and some basic lighting and tripod with the camera facing down on the table top.


Ideally, the videos should be shot with DSLRs at least, but video footages from your smart phones with high resolution cameras are good enough. Footages must not be grainy, unclear or low resolution.

A little technically speaking, we need HD quality with 16:9 resolution and width X height 1920X1080. This is what a 16:9 resolution is:


Duration of the videos can be between 1-10 minutes, depending upon contents. But events coverage can be as long as 1 hour.


News contents should be sent ASAP, and our video editors can quickly edit/clean the footages sent by you. Other videos can be sent as they get ready at your end.


Please send all videos to our email You can also upload the videos to your Google Drive or Dropbox and share the link with us through our email. WeTransfer is another possibility. But whatever mode you use to transfer, all communication must be sent to our given email.

Any questions? Just email us at