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IDF kills Hamas commander who ‘prevented 1,000 Palestinians from evacuating Gaza hospital’ (IANS FROM ISRAEL)

Tel Aviv, Nov 11 (IANS) The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said on Saturday that it had killed the Hamas commander who was responsible for “preventing around 1000 Palestinians from evacuating a hospital in northern Gaza”.

IDF spokesperson Real Admiral Daniel Hagari in a statement on Saturday said that the Israeli forces killed Ahmed Siam, the commander of Hamas’s Nasser-Radwan company, who was responsible for preventing around 1000 Palestinians from evacuating Rantisi hospital.

He was killed while he was hiding in al-Buraq school in Gaza City along with his men under his command.

“Ahmed Siam has once again demonstrated that Hamas was using civilians of the Gaza Strip as human shields for terror purposes,” the IDF said in the statement.

The IDF is in a fierce battle in Gaza Central and is near the al-Shifa hospital complex, which the IDF claims is the command centre of Hamas.

Meanwhile, the al-Shifa hospital management in a statement has said that there was no power in the hospital and several patients are dying due to power outages. The hospital attributed the death of four people in ICU to the power outage. It also said that around 39 children are in incubators and without power, these children are on a “deathbed”

The hospital management appealed to the international community to immediately render help.



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