New Delhi, Aug 6 (IANS) National Security Adviser (NSA) Ajit Doval has said that India has engaged with both Russia and Ukraine on a regular basis at the top most level, ever since the conflict between the nations broke out, as per reports.

Doval is learnt to have made these observations during the summit of NSAs in Jeddah, hosted by Saudi Arabia to discuss the Ukraine-Russia conflict.
Top officials from around 40 countries, including India, the US and China, held talks in Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah on Saturday.
It is being expected that the negotiations may lead to agreement on some principles to ensure a peaceful culmination of the war.
Meanwhile, Doval was quoted as saying at the summit by reports that India supports the global order as framed on the principles of UN charter.
He emphasised on all nations respecting each others’ territorial sovereignty and that efforts to maintain peace should be pursued to find a peaceful end to the ongoing conflict between the two nations, reports quoting him as saying.
The NSA also noted that the entire Global South is bearing the consequences of the conflict, however India is providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine, as it has always believed in promoting dialogue and diplomacy.
Doval is learnt to have said that the NSAs’ meeting faces a two-fold challenge — resolution of the situation and softening the consequences of the conflict, and efforts are needed on both fronts.
This, he is said to have observed, will require a lot of groundwork as despite efforts to provide peaceful solutions to both the nations, none have borne fruit.
Doval said that the Jeddah meet should look for a solution which is acceptable to all stakeholders, reports said.