Greece is known for its ancient culture and so is India. And when it comes to the confluence of cultures what can beat the offerings in the form of lip-smacking delicacies for anyone who wishes to reach the sublime through the experience of one’s palate. That an experience of food can lift the spirit leaving an indelible impression is hard to believe till one has oneself experienced. Restaurants in themselves are a part and parcel of contemporary culture and from the cuisines they unleash to the manner they serve the guests are art forms perfected over years of experience by many a restaurateur.

Entering any restaurant anywhere in the world is a wonderful experience even for the sheer joy of the food we taste, the flavor we fathom, the ambience we behold and the hospitality we receive. And being an Indian if one happens to go to a foreign land and find an Indian restaurant, it is like visiting India, albeit in miniature. In this context a visit to this Indian restaurant named ‘Indian Palace’ at Michalakopolou, adjacent to Crowne Plaza Athen City Centre is an experience replete with joy and thrill unimaginable. This restaurant is being run by an Indian couple Parminder Singh and Paramjit Kaur who serve an extremely delicious Indian menu that will have one salivate till the food is devoured.

The menu for vegetarians had many items to satisfy one’s palate. Anyone who is a connoisseur of good food and has discernible quality will no doubt make the observe post the meals that the spices and the salt were in the right proportion, tuned perfectly like the tuning of a musical instrument. Good food is like good music, everything is tuned to perfection with nothing being superfluous. The food ordered for in this restaurant is ready within 20 minutes or so and is not a burden on one’s pocket. Delicacies like aloo paratha, saffron rice and the ones comprising paneer dishes are delicious as much to the palate as to the eyes. One can order food and it is still hot when it reaches you. 

But along with the food it is the hospitality that adds to its taste and flavor. People as hosts in the Indian Palace give vent to their friendly nature in a typical Indian cultural fashion. Indians have always been known even in the past for their hospitality. The guest is the lord himself. So it seems is the philosophy of the owners and the employees at Indian Palace. Authentic Indian food with authentic Indian hospitality is served leaving the guest spellbound to say the least. What is the best part of the restaurant is that it serves spicy food but they are not too much spicy.

Even people who are not Indians enjoy eating there for the simple reason that many like the flavor of Indian cuisines and enjoy their taste. Among the many delicacies one can enjoy dishes like vegetable biryani, spinach paneer and aloo gobi. The Indian food experience gels well with a country in Greece that itself boasts of an ancient culture. A friendly host which has a staff that is well trained to know how to deal with the guests adds to the value of the restaurant. Guests, therefore, take a vow to come here again and visit this restaurant every time they come to this city.