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March 21, 2022: Lakmé India, brings its latest skincare trend, the Lakmé Lumi Cream, to the runway in partnership with luxury-pret designers Alpana Neeraj with the #LitWithLumi showcase.

The Alpana Neeraj X Lakmé Lumi Cream collection will bring the shimmery luminescence of the Lakmé Lumi Cream to life with a no fuss, relatively minimal avatar that will retain the designers’ unique handwriting of blending 3D geometry with soft swathing drapes and diaphanous volumes. The pieces will take a happy twist with bows and trails made fierce with Alpana Neeraj’s signature extreme construction style, ebbing and flowing into shimmering pastels and neutrals with pops of strawberry reds.

FDCI x LFW – Alpana Neeraj Lit With Lumi Showcase

Commenting on the showcase, Sumati Mattu, Head of Innovations at Lakmé said, “Over the last two years, we’ve seen consumer needs evolve towards transformative skincare. Always at the forefront of consumer-centric innovations, Lakmé has invested considerable energies in identifying well formulated, transformative skincare solutions. Taking this commitment forward, for the very first time we will be hosting a showcase led by one of our trend statements in Lakmé Skincare, #LitWithLumi, at FDCI x Lakmé Fashion Week. Through this showcase we will be introducing consumers to the everyday, unique benefits of the Lakmé Lumi Cream. And we couldn’t have wished for more able partners than Alpana and Neeraj to work with us for this showcase. Their design philosophy much like the Lakmé Lumi Cream is focused on delivering functionality with flair. Together, we aspire to provide consumers skincare and fashion that is easy to use and wear, accentuates your features, and brings out the best in you. We are excited for audiences to witness this showcase and wish the designer duo the absolute best.”

The Lakmé Lumi Cream is a light-textured moisturiser with a hint of highlighter that draws attention to your features and gives them an instant 3D glow. The product combines functionality and beauty by being designed for all Indian skin tones and skin types. Alpana Neeraj’s fashion design aesthetics are in sync with these characteristics. Their motifs will include the presence of crystals and diamonds in shades of peach, rose, and elegant whites that drape structurally yet artistically, combining elements of glimmer, shine, and glamour.

Designer Alpana of the label Alpana Neeraj said, “Our design philosophy has always been known to being unapologetic and effortlessly fluid. With the #LitWithLumi show, the collection will retain our core drapes and yet will see an evolution in functionality, as a progression in style post pandemic. Resonating and inspired by the sparkle, shine of the Lakmé Lumi Cream, the showcase will present a seamless blend that brings forth luminous and poised silhouettes.”

Source: IANS