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Israeli tank ‘accidentally’ fired at Egyptian post

Tel Aviv, Oct 23 (IANS) The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has said that an Israeli tank “accidentally fired and hit an Egyptian post” near Kerem Shalom in the Egypt-Gaza-Israel tri-border area.

The incident is being investigated and the details are under review. The IDF expresses sorrow regarding the incident, YNet News reported, citing a statement issued on Sunday evening.

Hezbollah announced in the afternoon that two of its members, Ali Muhammad Marmar and Taha Abbas, were killed in an IDF strike in Lebanon.

According to reports, 10 operatives of the Lebanese terrorist group were killed in Israeli strikes on Saturday and Sunday.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Hezbollah would be making the “mistake of its life if it decided to join the war”.

Speaking to troops on the Lebanon border Netanyahu said that Israel was holding the enemy at bay in the north while fighting to win in the south, YNet News reported.

“If Hezbollah opens a second front against Israel, our response would be such that the terror group would long for the level of destruction inflicted on it during the 2006 Second Lebanon War and the ramifications for Lebanon would be devastating. But we are prepared for any scenario.”

Exchanges of fire across the Israel-Lebanon border continued and earlier IDF forces shot down a drone approaching Israel. The military said its troops also thwarted an attempt to fire anti-tank missiles at Israel.



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