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August 8, 2022: Padmashri Guru Shovana Narayan, a master of Kathak, created the Lalit Arpan Festival, which features a feast of performances by The theme of this year’s Lalit Arpan Festival, which marks 75 years of independence from colonial control, explores the terms “azadi” or “swatantra” and the related concept of “swabhiman” through performances of Kathak, Kathakali (stree-vesham), and traditional theatre.

This festival, which is run by the dance organisation Asavari and its volunteers, has so far included over 95 torchbearers for Indian traditional performing arts. Together with the India Habitat Center, the Festival has been planned.

Prabal Gupta10th August 2022:

  • “Roop-Vidroop” by Padmashri Shovana Narayan re-enacting the true emotional and heart-rending saga of an acid attack survivor.
  • “Kshaatra Baalaa” stree-vesham style of the dance form by Prabal Gupta.

11th August 2022:

  • “Lallan Miss”, a hard-hitting play, based on transgender Rajkumari‘s real-life story by Rama Pandey Natya Vidya Foundation.
Prabal Gupta

Source: IANS