Is cheese your on-the-go snack? Fratelli Wines collaborates with Artisanal Cheesemaker Käse to introduce a special curation of locally produced varieties

February 13, 2021 (IANSlifeWhen it comes to date night, one can’t go wrong with a bottle of wine and a cheese board. Homegrown brand Fratelli Wines has launched a line of cheese to which are best suited to accompany thier wines. The varietals have an Indian-Italian soul and cosmopolitan versatility –  a simple, yet exceptional treat for the tastebuds.

Fratelli Cheese features a range of locally produced cheeses, handcrafted in collaboration with Käse; and made with ethically sourced raw A2 milk. By ensuring that the cows are indigenous, protected, loved and nurtured, the milk used to create the cheese supersedes any other. It contains a higher amount of protein, vitamins and minerals and is free of hormones and antibiotics.

The Fratelli Signature line presents: Gusto, Sunburst and Cheddarg. Discover the pairings starting with Fratelli’s Sette, the perfect partner to the Sangiovese Leaf Aged Cheddarg. Go on to discover the Chenin inspired Sunburst, best paired with a crisp white wine. Last, but not least, another wine-rinsed cheese – the Syrah inspired Gusto – is best paired with the Fratelli M/S red, shiraz, and merlot wines.

It was originally in October 2018, when Käse paired 9 of their cheeses with a range of Fratelli wines for a discerning crowd of 200. This planted the seed for wine and cheese pairings with a difference: local or regional wines with their equivalent local or regional cheeses.

Puja Sekhri, Director, Fratelli Wines, says, “Cheese making in many ways is like wine making. The terroir has a huge influence and that is what makes every place unique. Käse works with natural flora in the milk and does not use freeze dried cultures. At Fratelli, we work hard to present a pure experience and in Käse we found a partner that reflects the same values – they produce cheese that is clean – free from any preservatives, additives, stabilizers and emulsifiers. In the culinary world, there are many food-beverage matches made in heaven. They’re so called because of how they bring out the best in each other’s inherent qualities, while making it an unforgettable sensorial experience for the consumer. Wine and cheese is one such match”

The founders of Käse – Anuradha and Namrata came from diverse fields to bring their mutual vision of making, and sharing, wholesome, healthy cheese to fruition.  Käse cheeses are made by specially abled women, creating an environment of empowerment and freedom through ethical and socially beneficial methods. This conscious collaboration radiates positivity through every facet of the process, emphasizing the values that Fratelli itself also holds sacred.


British Cheddar style hard cheese wrapped in vine leaves from the Fratelli vineyards. Takes about 8-10 weeks. Ageing beyond 16 weeks results in a beautiful vintage cheese. Fratelli holds a special place for its Sangiovese clone, the only crop of its kind in India,  developed by Fratelli’s leader in winemaking, Piero Masi. The Sangiovese Leaf Aged Cheddarg? (Yes, you read that right!) Every variety of cheese developed is intrinsically tied to the story of Winery.

The Cheddarg, a combination of Cheddar and Cornish Yarg, is wrapped in homegrown Sangiovese leaves and aged for up to 5 months. The process of ageing cheese by wrapping it in leaf is an age-old technique, ensuring a consistently moist environment for the product. The leaves lend smoky and woody notes to the cheese, creating a characteristically scrumptious flavour.

It pairs beautifully with both red and white wines. Their in-house experts recommend Sette as the perfect partner for this Cheddarg.


Inspired by the popular Alpine cheese Gruyère, this is an interesting cheese with a flavour that varies widely with age. It is sweet, slightly salty with a bite when young but more dry as it matures. The washed rind results in layers of flavours from fruity, acidic to more assertive complex ones, as it matures. For a delightful gourmet experience, pair this cheese with a crisp white wine and an array of nuts and fruits. The Sangiovese Bianco, Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, Noir pair well with this cheese.

It’s aged over the course of 5 months. It is a washed rind cheese that develops a sticky, orange rind. With a pungent aroma and a creamy textured body, the Sunburst will tease your tastebuds in a tantalizing, flavourful experience.
For a delightful gourmet taste, pair this cheese with a crisp white wine and an array of nuts and fruits.


The Syrah rinse takes from the Tomme cheese variety, generally made in the French Alps and Switzerland. The Gusto comprises elegantly structured hints of citrus with a mildly bitter rind. The body of the cheese is buttery with hints of mushroom. As it ages, it develops a slightly metallic tone on the rind. The Gusto is titled like so in homage to the punch of flavour it packs! For a truly divine experience of the senses, pair it with M/S red or the Fratelli shiraz and merlot wines.

Source: IANS