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Pankaj Tripathi ends up having memory slip while interacting with fans on Instagram

Mumbai, Nov 8 (IANS) Actor Pankaj Tripathi recently did a live chat on his Instagram about making a big announcement. However, in an unexpected twist, the actor ended up having a bit of a memory slip, completely forgetting why he went live on his social media in the first place.

Now it is entirely unknown what ‘The Gangs of Wasseypur’ star was going to say, and he himself started laughing at this as he found his own memory slip quite amusing. According to Pankaj Tripathi, this is a rather frequent thing with him.

Talking to his fans, the ‘Mirzapur’ alum said: “Hello everyone I thank you all, and I don’t remember why I came live today. It is a frequent habit of mine, those who know me can testify on my behalf (laughs).”

Commenting on a fan’s compliment who said he’s from Chandigarh, Pankaj said: “Thank you very much, I have been to your city before and it is exquisitely beautiful and feels really good in the winters. But now I have forgotten my purpose for coming live, I frequently forget.”

Laughing at his own forgetfulness, the actor said: “I mean it really is something, you come live and then you forget why. Well never mind it, (laughs) I am extremely sorry for this.

“Whenever I remember why I will immediately either come live or just post it on social media. Until then please keep giving me all your love. Once I remember I think I’ll immediately post that I indeed have remembered what I was going to say. Thank you everyone.”

This new twist ended up leaving fans wondering if the actor was okay. Some even questioned his slip, calling it a deliberate tease. Whatever be the truth, the excitement from the interaction has built up a lot of anticipation regarding his mysterious revelation, before he suddenly dissipated into a cloud of confusion.

Fresh off the success of his films ‘Oh My God 2’ and ‘Fukrey 3’, Pankaj Tripathi will next be seen portraying the role of Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in his upcoming film ‘Main Atal Hoon’.He will also be seen in the films ‘Metro In Dino’ and ‘Stree 2’.



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