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People will have personal AI assistants, like ChatGPT: Web inventor


San Francisco, Feb 21 (IANS) The inventor of the World Wide Web (also known as the Web), Tim Berners-Lee said that in the future, people will have their own personal AI assistant, similar to ChatGPT.

In a recent episode of CNBC’s Beyond the Valley podcast, Berners-Lee said that his new company envisions people having online ‘pods’ where all of their personal data is stored.

Inrupt, a startup co-founded by Berners-Lee, aims to provide web users with a single login that can be used across multiple websites.

Inrupt intends to store individual users’ data in digital containers as part of its work on developing that technology.

The pods will be capable of granting websites or services access to some or all of a person’s personal information, ranging from sleeping patterns to shopping preferences, reports Fortune.

Berners-Lee proposed that once they became a reality, an advanced AI-powered chatbot — similar to the AI phenomenon ChatGPT — could use the data pods to act as a digital personal assistant.

“We call it Charlie. Charlie is an AI that works for you,” Berners-Lee said.

He said that unlike other virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, the chatbot he envisions wouldn’t be linked to big tech.

Berners-Lee said that it would legally ‘work for’ its user, much like an agent or a lawyer, the report mentioned.

“In that case, if (Charlie) really works for me, I will trust (it) with all my data and expect (it) to be much more insightful,” he said.

“That AI will see in your pods all the stuff you’ve bought from Amazon, but also your nutrition — everything you’ve eaten — your fitness data and (so on). So, if you run an AI on your pod, it’s going to have access to much more cool stuff than any of the individual things like Siri or Alexa that operate over these siloes [where] they’re limited,” Berners-Lee said.

The inventor of the web further said that the power of any AI bot ‘all depends on the data.’

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