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Chennai, May 12: The PMK and VCK have urged the Centre not to give political asylum to former Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapakse.

In a statement on Thursday, the youth wing leader of the PMK and former Union Minister Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss said that the Indian government must not consider giving political asylum to Mahinda Rajapakse, who has resigned as the Sri Lankan Prime Minister and is said to be hiding in Trincomalee.

Ramadoss said that Mahinda Rajapakse was facing serious charges of genocide against the Tamil population of the island nation during the civil war in that country in 2009.

He said that there were reports that the former Sri Lankan Prime Minister is likely to come to India along with his family through sea route and called upon the Centre not to give him any consideration. He said that the United Nations Human Rights Commission was taking evidence against Mahinda Rajapakse on the crimes committed by him during the last stages of the Civil war that rocked Lanka.

The PMK leader said that the former Prime Minister of the island nation must be tried for international war crimes with the help of India and other countries.

The VCK has also appealed to the Centre not to consider any asylum to Mahinda Rajapakse as there was a case of genocide against him.

Thol Thirumavalavan, VCK MP said in a statement on Thursday that the Centre must never consider granting asylum to Mahinda Rajapakse, and said that the UNHRC is taking evidence against him for the crimes committed during the civil war against the Tamil population.

Source: IANS