The Queensland Telugu Committee’s Annual General Meeting was held on 3rd July at Garden City Library, Upper Mount Gravat.

Announcements were made revealing the names of the newly elected executive members at this General Assembly. The following are their names:

  1. President – Sri Ravi Gundepalli
  2. Vice President – Sri Ramakrishna Bulusu
  3. Secretary – Sri Umesh Vangapalli
  4. Treasurer – Sri Ravi Vinayak Enamandra
  5. Cultural Secretary – Sri Raghavendra Sampathirao
  6. Executive Member – Mrs. Pavani Gandra
  7. Executive Member – Mrs. Manju Segu

This year each candidate has been unanimously elected, with only one candidature for each position.

The new president Ravi Gundepalli Garu took charge and addressed the members in his presidential speech, raising the vision statement of Queensland Telugu Samithi and his team to achieve them.

The Queensland Telugu Samiti with Vigneshwara’s blessings has announced their plans to start their programs with Vinayaka Chaviti Vrata Kalpa and then carry on with Dasara, Deepavali etc.