Photo Courtesy: Breezemasti

Mumbai, Oct 20: Renowned television actress Rupali Ganguly, who brought home awards for her popular show ‘Anupamaa’, and her choreographer Vijay Ganguly won the same award, exactly 46 years after their father Anil Ganguly had, for the best story of the year for the movie ‘Tapasya’.

Lions Gold Awards have been around for decades and are considered distinguished & respected in the entertainment business.

Rupali shares: “My father, Mr. Anil Ganguly, received this award 46 years ago for his movie Tapasya, for which he’d received a National award too. As his children, we are extremely proud to be able to have two trophies next to his. I’m grateful that Vijay and I have received enough recognition this year but this one is really special.”

“Moreso because we received it at the same platform considering we belong to television & Bollywood respectively, this award brought us together on the stage. It was a really emotional moment for the two of us. It is like life has come in a full circle now.”

Both the siblings, took to their social media to share their happiness.

Rupali wrote, “This one is special because this is the only trophy we both have in common with our Pappa.”

While Vijay wrote, “My father got the award in 1976 and 46 years later, we both get the same award. Feels nice.”

Source: IANS