Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morisson, has released a video for Indian Community in Australia regarding the ban of flights from India for 14 days.

He started the video with mentioning Indian Australian community as generous and kind community. He said, “It is a tough time for Australia”. India has been declared a high risk country as there more than 3.9 lakh cases come in one day. Scott Morrison said 57% people who are quarantined in Australia are from India. Not only that but the rate increases to 15% in Howard springs quarantine centre in Northern Territory and most of them are people arriving from India.

Australian Govt. have providing following for those Australians who are still stuck in India are

  1. Taking Temporary precautions.
  2. To provide support to Australians who are still in India.
  3. To provide Humanitarian assistance to India.

Regarding these measures Australia has put a temporary ban to Indian or whoever been to India in last 14 days. This ban is imposed till 15 May and even when this restriction will be uplifted those who come from India have to carry both a negative covid-19 report or a negative rapid antigen test.

You can also watch his video by clicking on the link: