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Sculpted Sagas by the master Sakti Burman

New Delhi, Oct 27 (IANS) A theatrical aura encompasses Sakti Burman’s sculptures as the master artist creates a fantasy world stemming from mythology, history, poetic fervour and lived experience.

One of the best known contemporary artists, Burman explores the depths of his oeuvre, rendered in a dream-like syncretic style creating a confluence of Indian and European cultures that have enriched his artistic practice over the years.

His latest work ‘Sculpted Sagas’, at Art Alive Gallery in the national capital (till October 31) is an extension of his vast oeuvre characterised by intricate details and a deep fascination for the human and mythological form.

His sculptural oeuvre is an exploration of the various motifs that define his body of work composed of elements and characters borrowed from traditional Indian mythologies such as Shiva or Krishna or the saga of ‘Samudra Manthan’ which explains the origin of the elixir of eternal life re-interpreted in a European fashion exhibiting Burman’s unique visual language. Tales of biblical nature like Noah’s Ark are juxtaposed with the eternal source of Shakti, goddess Durga depicted in the mother goddess role to Ganesha exuding a dream-like quality.

Burman’s Indian heritage along with his experience in France is a rich wellspring of inspiration for him with figures of the epics featured in his compositions rendered with a contemporary sensibility, breathing new life into ancient legends.

Imbued with fantastical elements, which add surrealist touches to his work, ‘Sculpted Sagas’, unveils a new body of work, a set of relief sculptures created by Sakti Burman showcasing his artistic resplendence.

The valour of Durga finds solace in the subtle and stylised rendition of the goddess.

In all his relief works, Burman exhibits a vibrant interplay of distinct cultures choosing to juxtapose elements from all creating an invigorating mise-en-scene of his mystical universe.

Accompanying the relief works are free-standing sculptures, the visual tropes of Ganesha, Krishna, Shiva-Parvati, among many others.



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