Shraddha Kapoor Courtesy: DNA India

Shraddha Kapoor is adored by her fans for her girl-next-door image but many few fans are aware of the actress’s love for fitness.

Shraddha who is said to have a naturally toned body does workout for it and keep herself healthy by sweating it out in the gym. Recently, the Stree actress shared a selfie which made everyone go gaga over her beautiful radiant skin. Yes, Shraddha shared a picture which left a post workout glow on her face after she completed her excercise session at home with her trainer.

Now isn’t she looking absolutely gorgeous? Well, if you want to look like this post your workout session too, then follow these easy-peasy steps.

If you leave your pores open then whatever is on your skin tends to penetrate. Therefore, make sure to wash your face before starting your workout regime so that there’s nothing but your natural fluids in form of sweat remains on your skin.

Use clean towel

Always make sure to use a clean towel before using it to wipe off your sweat. Don’t hang it on the machines or any dirty durface area as it may give higher chances for germs to stick to it. Try using a wet towel so that you can control the sweat.

Wash your face or take a shower post working out

It is extremely necessary to wash your face and take a shower after sweating it out at the gym. This is because cold showers close the skin pores and don’t let your skin attract dirt particles and also decrease capillary activity.

Have water

Staying hydrated during your workout is very important as your body releases water in the form of sweat so you need to replace it by drinking certain amount of water. This not only helps you from getting dehydrated but also adds to your skin’s glow.

Source: Indian Express