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Smell the scent of ‘Saccha Pyaar’ & ‘I Am My Own Sugar Momma’

Dolly Singh & Rad Living collaborate to launch one-of-a kind scented soy candles

By IANSlife

January 16, 2023 (IANSlifePopular social media figure, Dolly Singh, and Rad Living, an up-and-coming premium domestic soy candle brand, have teamed up to launch an exclusive line of scented soy wax candles. With themes of manifestations and affirmations for a good start to usher in a new year, it consists of fifteen varied variants.

The collection is a true representation of Singh’s on-screen persona, embracing eccentric declarations for 2023 like “25 din mein paisa double,” “Saccha Pyaar,” “I Am My Own Sugar Momma,” “Great Sex, No Stress, Big Checks,” and “Saste Nashe.” Sandalwood Rose, Green Lush, Almond Shea, Jasmine Cedar, French Lavender, and Chocolate Rose are just a few of the aromas that make up the collection’s signature notes, each of which perfectly complements the affirmation inscribed on the candle.

Elaborating further Dolly says, “I’m extremely delighted to partner with Rad Living to give my audiences an immersive experience. This step for me marks not just my maiden attempt at becoming an entrepreneur but has a lot to do with manifestation of dreams which forms the ethos of this collaboration. My father sold candles in his gift shop in Nainital and my mother manufactured candles at home and sold them to retailers around town to add to the family income pool. My connection with candles is not a new found fascination but travels back to my childhood. During our growing up years, my brother and I were extra hands to my mother and used to chip in and assist her. From drawing eyes on the wax rabbits and bears, to sprinkling glitter on romantic couple candles, I was part of the whole candle making process. Our house always smelled like wax and candle making as a process has always been close to my heart. Therefore, this collaboration is even more special and personal as I’m launching my own line of candles and I couldn’t be more excited and grateful!”

Vineet Arora, Founder & CEO, Rad Living adds, “While India boasts of a rich history of aromas, scents and flavors, ironically the benefits of ambient fragrances are rather overlooked in our daily lives. We started Rad Living with the sole purpose of making ambient fragrances approachable, relatable and inclusive through our wide variety of fragrances and designs. We strongly believe that this collaboration with Dolly holds the potential to truly open up conversations and spark a light of fragrance in many more lives in India and hopefully soon, in the world. We are grateful for the phenomenal response and feedback that we have received from all our customer. We hope we keep adding light, aroma and cheer in every life we touch!”


This scented candle collection, which was introduced on December 13th, 2022, on Rad Living’s website, are toxin-free, burn cleaner, and last longer than typical paraffin wax candles because they are richly scented with essential oils and fragrance oil mixes. Prices for the candles start at INR 599 and are available in two sizes on

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