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Sri Lanka Cricket refutes ‘false accusations’ regarding U-19 World Cup

Colombo, Nov 8 (IANS) Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has addressed the false, malicious and misleading information circulated by the Minister of Sports under the cover of parliamentary privileges on Tuesday.

“SLC takes this opportunity to provide the public with accurate information regarding the ongoing preparations for the ICC Under 19 World Cup in 2024,” the SLC statement released on Wednesday read.

“Firstly, it is imperative to note that the International Cricket Council (ICC) has entrusted Sri Lanka with the honor of hosting the ICC Under 19 World Cup in 2024. This prestigious event is scheduled to commence in January 2024, and Sri Lanka Cricket is diligently working towards its successful execution.

“Preparations for this globally recognized tournament are well underway, with ICC representatives closely supervising the overall planning and execution. They are actively collaborating with SLC to ensure that the tournament is conducted in compliance with international standards,” it added.

SLC also clarified the allegation regarding ICC’s stringent standards and promised to improve the infrastructure at selected grounds

“As part of responsibilities, SLC is entrusted with the provision of match venues that align with the ICC’s stringent standards. In pursuit of this goal, we have taken significant measures to improve the infrastructure at selected grounds. The funds, received as grants from the ICC and specifically designated for these enhancements, are solely dedicated to the development of facilities in preparation for the Under 19 World Cup in 2024,” the statement further read.

Furthermore, SLC also gave clarification on the alleged installation of floodlights and associated infrastructure at the Dambulla International Cricket Ground in response to long- standing requirements. This initiative is aimed at enhancing the ground’s facilities to meet ICC venue standards.

SLC said, “Project began to accommodate the Asia Cup 2023; however, due to imports restrictions in place at the time, it could not be completed in time for that event. A public tender for this project was carried out a few months ago, and the process was closely monitored by a Ministry Representative throughout. The project was awarded in accordance with government-approved tender processes.

“Any statements suggesting that SLC has spent Rs. 1.5 billion on replacing floodlights alone are false and unfounded.

“In terms of project management, interim payments are made in accordance with the project’s progress and contractual requirements. Any allegations suggesting financial impropriety or mismanagement are without merit and seem intended to create unnecessary concern among the public,” it added.

However, SLC also condemned and disapproved of the behavior of the interim committee, and was compelled to initiate legal action against those responsible.

“Additionally, it is important to highlight that members of the Interim Committee, who were briefly in operation after their appointment, have removed vital project-related payment vouchers and documentation from SLC premises.

“SLC strongly disapprove of the behaviour exhibited by the said members who advocated the importance of good governance and transparency and wishes to emphasize that if these materials are not returned immediately, SLC will be compelled to initiate legal action against those responsible,” the SLC statement read.

In conclusion, Sri Lanka Cricket “remained dedicated to ensuring good governance, transparency, and the successful hosting of the ICC Under 19 World Cup in 2024.”



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