Mumbai, June 25 (IANS) Shah Rukh Khan was at his expansive best as he interacted with his fans on @iamsrk on Sunday evening to celebrate the 31st anniversary of his Bollywood debut film, ‘Deewana’.

And when asked about ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ being sung to welcome Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the White House, he replied: “Wish I was there to dance to it … but they wouldn’t allow a train inside I guess??!!!”

SRK opened the conversation by noting: “Wow just realised it’s 31 yrs to the day when ‘Deewana’ hit the screens. It’s been quite a ride, mostly a good one.”

Raj Kanwar’s hit film ‘Deewana’, where he played the second male lead behind Rishi Kapoor, and acted alongside Divya Bharti, marked SRK’s Bollywood debut in 1992.

 When a fan asked him what he remembers most from the sets of ‘Deewana’, SRK replied: “Working with Divyaji and Rajji.” And when quizzed about the “one thing as an actor you’ve been following in the last 31 years”, he gave a peek into his acting style.

 I write a whole backstory and ideology of the character,” he said. “Sometimes, I share it with the director or just keep it to myself. It could be a poem or a whole story.”

Asked about what he would like to change about his opening scene in ‘Deewana’, where he arrives singing on a motorbike followed by a bunch of other bikers, he said he should have worn a helmet.

On a personal note, when a fan asked him about his favourite toy, he answered: “My lil AbRam.”

And when asked to share his views on the Internet, which wasn’t around when he made his Bollywood debut 31 years ago, SRK voiced a view that many share: “Too many people with too many views … has become more difficult to find your voice in the white noise!”

He also took a dig at the Know-Alls in the film business when he said: “Back in my day we didn’t discuss the business of films without knowing anything about the business!!!”

And, finally, what according to SRK is the best aspect of being an actor? “Being in the shoes of somebody else and giving life to their dreams.”