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Suresh and Priyanka Raina focus on mothers and young ones

With 360° premium baby wellness brand – maate
By Olivia Sarkar

February 09, 2023 (IANSlife) Cricketer Suresh Raina and his wife Priyanka’s consciously designed a 360° range of premium baby wellness features products like Coconut Oil, Baby Powder, Kids Foaming Face Wash, and Diaper Rash Cream.

‘Maate’ is an ode to a Mother as she commences a beautiful journey, it is also a salutation to Mother Earth from whom we all draw life and nourishment. With a belief that what you put on your baby’s body should be as pure and authentic as what you put within his or her body. Maate offers an all-natural range created with love and care, incorporating the benefits of both timeless tradition and science.

Emphasising on the stringent research which has gone into formulating the products Suresh Raina, also the Co-Founder of maate expressed, “These products have been carefully selected and developed to meet the highest quality and safety standards. And we assure you, this is just the beginning. We are constantly working to bring new and innovative products to our line so that mothers can know that they are providing the best for their young ones.”
nspired by ancient Ayurveda, the indigenous Babycare brand is adapted to modern-day environment. The products are consciously formulated using the best ingredients nature has to offer to bring to you high-quality and chemical-free products to nurture your baby. The products are researched and designed for holistic Baby wellness and is a by-product of Priyanka Raina’s unique perspective on parenthood. The line of baby products not only stresses upon the healing properties of Ayurved

Priyanka Raina, Co-Founder of maate, said, “At maate, we understand the importance of providing only the best for our little ones. That’s why we are dedicated to bringing mothers premium wellness products that they can trust. We strive to be a one-stop shop for a baby’s essential needs, ensuring that mothers don’t have to look elsewhere. As we enter the new year, we are thrilled to announce the addition of four new products to our line: a gentle and effective kids’ face wash, a nourishing coconut oil, a soothing baby powder, and a diaper rash cream that provides fast relief.
While speaking with IANSlife, Priyanka Raina poured her emotions attached to the brand.

What’s your inspiration behind the launch?

Priyanka: I think the biggest inspiration is being a mother myself and I am a firm believer of using ingredients from the kitchen; and also using Indian recipes and not using anything which is chemically infused. So, I wanted to launch ‘maate’ and I was very clear it should be 100 percent natural and effective and not just a product package which looks nice or smells nice. I wanted something which actually works. It’s all about bringing Indian recipes to forefront, the rich ingredients we have, the rich Ayurveda.

What’s the motive behind the brand ‘maate’?

Priyanka: ‘maate’ means Mother, to embody all the values of a mother-nurturing, resilient, ambitious, protective, genuine and accessible. We are true to motherhood by setting out to nourish, protect, cleanse and comfort. As a brand started by a mother, and being a mother I want to give the best noruishment to my child so it wall aligned well. The moment you here the word maate, you know it’s all about the motherly feeling and that’ what we wanted to bring in on these products.

What is basis of the products?

Priyanka: It is about exclusivity and our pledge to every mother is to give their baby exclusive and genuine experiences. We are taking care of the most delicate stages of human life and we have a great responsibility to be completely safe, clean, pure and effective. We strive to meet these high standards and never compromise.

What you have mainly focused on while the manufacturing these products, was it the traditional way of baby care or the new-modern tech way?

Priyanka: We adventure deep, to distil the most precious oils and herbs with an intent to preserve nature in its purest forms. This is the inheritance from our ancestors, from our ancient ayurvedic wisdom combined with modern science comes together in every product.

What was your experience while doing the research and the blends of herbs and oils?

Priyanka: I wanted each product to be very effective and result oriented, we also did those tests in the labs where we saw what’s the effect of the products. We found that hair oil really works and it also helps in thickening of hair, we actually have proven results. Of course, I do not come from that background so it was a whole new journey for me to take but thankfully I had a very strong team behind me. I have all the motherly emotions attached to it and I could tell as a mother what I want and then the team which is technically experienced and strong in this field created the products. So, working as a team made it a stronger project and we could come up with something great. I was really satisfied with and I had my own challenges, my own learnings but the final outcome was fantastic.
In September 2022 maate expanded its footprint to be available at various chain pharmacies, trade chemists, exclusive maternity hospitals, premium baby and grocery stores to strengthen its offline presence in Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Manesar, Noida, and Ghaziabad. Since its inception, the completely natural, toxin-free, vegan, and cruelty-free maate products have been loved by thousands of families in India and have been an essential part of the daily wellness routine for their kids and this community is growing with every new order, regardless if it’s online or offline.

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