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Survey reveals movies on big screen are still go-to choice for majority of Indians

Mumbai, Oct 11 (IANS) A new survey, ‘The CineFiles’, has revealed that the Indian audience enjoys watching the movies on big screen, and that the audience is also highly skilled at planning for their cinematic outings in theatres as 74 per cent of the audience keep a close watch on the new releases on the horizon at least three days in advance.

Ahead of this National Cinema Day, the report revealed that 98 per cent of Indians believe cinematic magic can only be brought alive on the big screen with a third of them attributing it to certain directors, themes, and VFX amongst others.

In fact, 90 per cent of respondents’ most likeable option for out-of-home experiences is catching the latest movie release in the theatre amongst other leisure activities such as shopping, live gigs, and adventure outings. The younger GenZ and Millennial groups think of the big screen experience for their movie-watching outing every week.

The report was launched by the ticketing platform BookMyShow, and the survey was rolled out to the ticket platform’s transacting consumer base across 650 cities and towns in India. The survey respondents comprised a mix of 41 per cent GenZ along with 59 per cent Millennial and GenX audiences going gaga about movies and their magic in this survey.

74 per cent of the respondents opted to watch a movie in the theatre for the immersive larger screen and high audio quality experience. 40 per cent of respondents almost always opt for premium screens like IMAX, 4DX, Director’s Cut, Insignia and so on. 92 per cent of respondents who have experienced an immersive format in premium theatre experiences make that choice based on certain factors such as blockbuster movies, big-budget films with impressive visuals and effects, Action movies, Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies or movies in 3D, 4D formats.

Commenting on the launch of BookMyShow’s report The CineFiles, Ashish Saksena, COO – Cinemas, BookMyShow, said: “The enduring love for movies over the years remains unshaken. The first day, first shows continue as a sacred tradition for many fans, inspiring cheers, whistles and endless applause at the sight of beloved stars on the big screen. The resounding response to ‘The CineFiles’ survey at BookMyShow reaffirms the enduring allure of the big screen movie experience in India.”

He added: “The film industry’s tenacity and adaptability shine through its continual evolution. As an enabler to this world of movies on the big screen, it brings us immense joy to engage with and cater to both a burgeoning younger audience and devoted fans across generations, united in their love for this timeless for this timeless form of entertainment.”

The survey also shows that 26 per cent of the audience still prefers a spontaneous dash to the latest flick.

The key determinants for choosing to step out for a movie experience on the big screen for these consumers remain the storyline, the cast and director, reviews and ratings and the trailer’s impact on them. 43 per cent from India’s entertainment capital – Mumbai, choose Storyline as the most critical trigger for them to catch a movie in a theatre. The figure is significantly higher than other cities.

38 per cent people from Delhi rank reviews and ratings highest to determine and decide the film to watch on the big screen. For 32 per cent Bengalureans, the director helming the movie is the most important factor in their decision to watch a movie on the silver screen.



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