Canberra (Australia), Aug 17 (IANS) Swimming Australia faces potential expulsion from the sport’s global governing body due to significant governance concerns.

In letters addressed to Swimming Australia president Michelle Gallen, World Aquatics detailed a series of concerns regarding the management of the sport in recent years, a Xinhua report said.

A second letter published by News Corp Australia on Thursday, dated August 7, cautioned that without timely intervention, World Aquatics would consider instituting its own stabilization committee and contemplate the “withdrawal of recognition of Swimming Australia as a Member of World Aquatics”.

“Swimming Australia must take steps to broaden its membership base to make it more representative and inclusive of its athletes,” the letter stated.

“With this, we urgently request that you present a corrective action plan to the World Aquatics Bureau within 30 days with an objective to complete such a plan within 90 days.”

While Australia has seen improvements in the pool at recent Olympics and World Championships, the sport’s national governing body remains mired in controversy. Chief Executive Eugenie Buckley resigned in April, following calls from state member organizations for an independent review into the sport’s management, spurred by frustrations over her decision to reduce participation funding.

In its initial letter, dated April 24, World Aquatics expressed apprehension about the high turnover in executive roles.

“As you well know, consistency in these senior roles is not only crucial for World Aquatics to maintain meaningful and productive relationships with our national federations, but necessary for athletes, coaches, and members of a federation to find confidence in senior management,” the letter read.