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The Future of Tea Cafes in India

As gifting tea packets becomes the norm, brand awareness also increases

By Jagdish Kumar

January 31, 2023 (IANSlifeWhy do you suppose tea exists as the most popular beverage on Earth? Tea and conversation are always in the making, whether it’s for house visitors or when socialising.

Tea is one of the most well-liked and historic drinks in India. For many years, Indians have savoured this hot beverage, which they regard as one of their nation’s most treasured contributions to the wide range of local foods and beverages they have to offer.

Some of the trends that are expected to dictate the landscape of the tea industry in the forthcoming times are-

Customer preferences are more complicated now than they ever were: The emergence of globalisation has resulted in a significant increase in the complexity of consumer demand. Due to the opening of international barriers, customers now have access to a wider variety of products, which has led them to start looking for innovation and diversity everywhere.

The demand for tea in today’s market is focused on a variety of exotic and blended tastes that are fresh and innovative, therefore this situation does not differ for teas. The growing demand for innovation among consumers is leading to an increase in the consumption of flavoured teas. In addition, customers’ preferences for nutritious foods and products have grown over the past few decades. These days, everything must be completely non-toxic, healthful, and hygienic, from the primary food material to the packaging.

Capitalization of tea’s therapeutic and medical qualities: Several “new” sorts and strains of tea are appearing on the market. This, along with the health trend, has given the market the chance to profit from the wonder beverage’s varied medical characteristics. Many different kinds of tea have therapeutic and restorative effects that soothe the mind and body. As more individuals, particularly young people, suffer from chronic physical and mental illnesses, these are becoming incredibly popular nowadays. Shortly, it’s anticipated that young people will become even more interested in therapeutic teas like immune boosters, stress relievers, teas for sleeplessness, teas for inflammation that contain adaptogens, and Ayurvedic spices like Cordyceps.

Gourmet teas and teas for gifting: In recent years, the gift industry has seen a rise in tea sales. Nowadays, companies provide attractive gift bundles of top strains. Because they are favoured for giving and hence are predicted to be in higher demand, gourmet teas and custom blend teas in opulent and practical packing like pyramidal teabags are popular choices. Infusion-based teas or new, trendy tea varieties are becoming more and more popular among consumers, especially those looking to give tea as a gift. This trend is anticipated to grow in the future because tea is so prevalent in India.

Growing brand awareness: As gifting tea packets becomes the norm, brand awareness increases. People are now increasingly choosing branded labels over goods from tea vendors in the unorganised sector. This has spurred global investment in marketing and contemporary tea cafes.

The increased interest in hygiene and health-related issues has also contributed to the rise in brand preference. Customers who are worried about the originality and hygiene of the goods are also inclined to resort to brands since people normally anticipate a commodity to be superior if it is branded. Modern consumers seek products that are innovative, adaptable, and compatible with their fast-paced way of life. All of these can be offered under one roof thanks to a brand’s diversity and reach.

Demand for Sustainability: These days, sustainability is the rule rather than the exception, and the FMCG industry is no different. The sale of certified tea is increasing quickly. In the modern tea industry, fair trade is a crucial factor. Other methods of implementing sustainability include the use of organic teas and cooperation with rainforests. One might anticipate long-lasting consequences on the tea business as a result of the growing need for and knowledge of sustainability.

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