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September 25, 2022: It’s nine days of fasting and feasting. Don’t fret if you haven’t been able to get the menu right, these top spots have you covered, so go ahead and enjoy a Navratri meal.

Annamaya’s special Navratri Thali at Andaz

With an unique Navratri Thali and an ala carte feast, AnnaMaya, the Modern foodhall at Andaz Delhi, has meticulously prepared a Navrati menu. The meal, which will be available from September 26 through October 5 in 2022, features a variety of traditional fasting recipes as part of their unique Navratri Thali and is entirely produced using Satvik food of Indian origin.

The ten dishes in nutritious Navratri Thali include Kuttu ki papdi & Burrata chat with crispy quinoa, Shahi paneer, Aloo ki subji, Samak chawal, Anar raita, Kuttu ki poori, Sabudana papad, and Quinoa Gulab ki kheer. Each of these delicacies costs INR 2200 plus taxes, and all of the ingredients used to make them are sourced locally.

Indulge in specialties like Aloo ki chaat, Kuttu ki Poori, Khatta Meetha Petha, and Samak ke Chawal ka Pulao from the Navratri ala carte menu. The food is also accompanied by special Navratri drinks including coconut water and chamomile apple iced tea.

All guests are welcome to savor in AnnaMaya’s delicious festive delicacies and experience the festive goodness at Andaz Delhi from 26th September 2022 till 5th October 2022, for lunch and dinner. For Bookings, you can contact +91 8588804222.

Navratri Thali by Dhaba & a Bento Box by Pickwick at The Claridges

Pickwick and Dhaba at The Claridges have curated an authentic fast-friendly meal to amp up the joy of this festive season of Navratri. The menu is meticulously designed considering the various fasting preference of the guests.

The wholesome authentic Navratri thali by the iconic Dhaba features Aloo Sabudana Vada, Lauki Mawa Curry, Kaju aur Chironji ki Dal, Methi aur Gud ka Sitaphal, Palak Paneer Roll Curry, Samak ke Chawal ki Tehri, Kuttu ka Dahi Bhalla with Rajgira ki Puri and Methi Lassi. This perfectly balanced thali has got you covered on all your sweet cravings too offering the delicious Petha Halwa filled with scrumptious nuts.

To elevate the tastebuds and fasting experience, Pickwick has introduced a Navratra Bento box feast which is a perfect mix of oriental offerings in a bento box. The menu offers Asian Herb Broth, Pomelo Salad, Crisp Lotus Stem, Vegetable Pocket, Exotic Stir Fry Asian Greens and Chili Basil Samak Fried Rice with Yuzu Baked Yogurt.

DhabaDetails for Navratri Thali at Dhaba

  • Venue:    Dhaba at The Claridges
  • Date:       26th September – 5th October 2022
  • Timings:  12:30 pm- 7:00 pm

Details for Bento Box at Pickwick

  • Venue:    Pickwick at The Claridges
  • Date:       26th September – 5th October 2022
  • Timings:  12:00 pm- 11:30 pm

Navratra Special @ Select CITYWALK

The time of year when people fast and feast! starting the celebrations with Navratras, which is observed for nine days in India. For people who observe fasts during those nine days, Select CITYWALK offers a list of establishments that serve Navratra thalis to their customers. The Masala Trail offers a special Navratra menu that includes smoothies, combinations, and snacks, while Pind Balluchi offers a special Navratra thali that includes Vrat starters.

Enjoy the holiday season by ordering one of these delectable Navratra thalis from Select CITYWALK.

  • Dates: 26th Sept- 4th Oct.
  • Venue: Pind Balluchi and The Masala Trail @ Select CITYWALK, Saket

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