Photo Courtesy: IANS

San Francisco, May 6: In a bid to make the platform more user-friendly, micro-blogging site Twitter is reportedly working on new features, including mixed-media tweets and more.

According to 9To5Google, this week, Twitter for Android has revealed support for adding both pictures and videos to the same tweet, hints at tweet “awards” and more.

The report mentioned that Twitter seems to finally be making it possible to tweet both a picture and a video in the same tweet.

As it stands today, tweets with media can include a gallery of up to four photos or a single video, with no mix of the two. Even with this new ability to mix media, tweets can still only house up to four pieces of media, the report said.

The other major new addition uncovered was “awards” for tweets.

While the exact details on how this feature will work are still unclear, Developer Dylan Roussel found a button that will allow users to give an award to a tweet and evidence that a tweet will show the number of rewards it has been given.

This appears to be similar to Reddit awards, and it seems entirely possible this could be a perk of Twitter Blue or another form of monetisation for the social network.

Meanwhile, recent reports said that Twitter is working on the edit button, as requested by its users as well as Elon Musk, but the micro-blogging platform is reportedly going to keep a digital trace of your earlier tweets.

App researcher and reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong had said in a tweet that the edit button may have an “immutable” quality.

Source: IANS