Vegans, enjoy sugar-free gajar ka halwa with this easy recipe

Vegans, enjoy sugar-free gajar ka halwa Courtesy: Indian Express

Mufflers, warm blankets, gloves and gajar ka halwa are some of our favourite things about winters! Yes, you might find that list a bit odd, but winters are incomplete without indulging in freshly-made gajar ka halwa.

However, if you are a vegan and have been thinking of alternatives to make the sweet delicacy without cow’s milk, we are here to help. Not only do we have a vegan recipe, but also one which is sugar-free.

So why wait any longer, check out the recipe and enjoy delicious gajar ka halwa in no time!

500 g – Grated carrot
½ cup – Ground cashew nuts
20 g – Pistachios
20 g – Blanched almonds
2 tbsp – Cardamom powder
30 g – Raisins
1.5 cup – Almond milk
A few strands of saffron
100 g – Date paste (soak 13-14 dates in 4 tbsp of lukewarm water)

*Place a thick, flat pan on low-medium heat and cook grated carrots for a while. Then pour in the almond milk as per the measurement and mix until the milk has been soaked by the carrots.

*Next, add the dates paste, raisins, cashews and mix nicely. Finally, add saffron and blanched almonds and cook.

*To this, add cardamom powder and pistachios and transfer to a bowl once it slightly cools down. Enjoy!

Source: Indian Express