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‘We will give added emphasis to our circle entry,’ India’s Amandeep Lakra talks about team’s preparations for Hockey Men’s Junior World Cup Malaysia 2023

New Delhi, Nov 11 (IANS) Amandeep Lakra, a prominent member of the Indian Junior Men’s Hockey Team, stated on Saturday that the team “will give added emphasis to our circle entry” while discussing the upcoming FIH Hockey Men’s Junior World Cup Malaysia 2023.

He also shared his thoughts and experiences from the 11th Sultan Johor Cup 2023, where the Indian Team took home a Bronze medal.

Amandeep talked about how his participation in the recently concluded 11th Sultan Johor Cup 2023 was invaluable. He said competing in the tournament against European teams provided him with unique learning opportunities. “I have learned a lot from them about how to play, and I would like to utilize this experience in the upcoming World Cup,” he said.

Amandeep Lakra finished as the tournament’s top scorer with six goals in five games during the 11th Sultan Johor Cup 2023. When asked about this accomplishment, he attributed it to growing confidence, explaining, “In the past, I faced challenges converting opportunities, frequently struggling with nerves. However, as I gained confidence in my ability to convert, it propelled me to put forth even more effort in my journey of self-improvement.”

Also, Amandeep Lakra made notable strides in his penalty corner (PC) conversions in the 11th of Sultan Johor Cup 2023, and he attributed this success to a dedicated focus on refining his drag flicking technique. He emphasized the rigorous effort he put into perfecting his skills, leading to a substantial improvement in his conversion rate. “My relentless hard work paid off, and I was able to convert more effectively,” he revealed.

Looking ahead to the upcoming FIH Hockey Men’s Junior World Cup Malaysia 2023, which is scheduled to take place from 5th December to 16th December 2023 in Kuala Lumpur, Amandeep expressed a strong desire to learn from recent experience and work on improving specific aspects of the team’s performance. “We will give added emphasis to our circle entry and conversion rates. Our primary focus will revolve around applying the insights and tactics that we obtain from our rigorous practice sessions, in our games,” he emphasized.

Asked to share his thoughts on how India will perform at the World Cup, Amandeep highlighted the importance of taking things one step at a time. “We have high hopes of not only participating but also making it to the tournament’s Final. We will aim to make our presence felt on the grand stage, showcasing our determination and prowess in the process.”

The youngster also acknowledged that the competition would be tough and that India would need to stay focused on their goals.

Talking about the robust competition in the FIH Hockey Men’s Junior World Cup Malaysia 2023, Amandeep Lakra said it is challenging to predict specific threats from other participating teams, as the outcome of matches could be unpredictable. “In the world of sports, the unpredictability of any given match is a constant. On any given day, any team can emerge victorious, making it imperative for us to remain steadfast in our commitment to our performance. We shall concentrate solely on our abilities and not dwell on the perceived strength or weakness of our opponents.”



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