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October 13, 2022: A staycation is a simple way to take a break without travelling far. It also teaches you to appreciate the moment as it is. A wellness centre allows one to recharge their batteries and embrace a healthy lifestyle in a supportive environment.

“It can be difficult to define a wellness centre because most people don’t know what it is and frequently mistake it for a hospital facility. Wellness centres are generally thought of as locations where one can get holistic healing for both the mind and body. A wellness centre is a catch-all term that covers a wide range of activities, from acupuncture to rejuvenating activities. An excellent wellness destination will serve the purpose of everything, from mental tension and worry to physical musculoskeletal and respiratory problems,” says Ekta Mohanani Kamra, Travelling Enthusiast and Founder of Hop and Bop.

“Additionally, there are other health advantages of doing a small Wellness Getaway. It considerably enhances overall mental health, lowers heightened health risks, boosts productivity, reduces the frequency of illnesses, and eradicates diseases from their roots. Hotels, resorts, and villas have all been completely displaced by wellness concepts. It is a healthy detox for your body, mind, and soul. Nowadays, everyone is concerned about their health, so it’s essential to start by putting yourself first. Take in the beautiful scenery, eat sathvik (clean food), treat yourself to a spa day, do yoga, and meditate.”

Returning renewed and re-energized to the busyness of life. Here are a few wellness facilities for staycations:

Forest Hills, Alibaug

In the midst of the pristine nature around you deteriorating, this Eco Retreat pampers the senses and supports your holistic self-discovery. It is hidden away in a forest next to the Kuda caves.

JW, Mussoorie

It’s the perfect way to take in “The Himalayan Escapade” with a hint of regional flavour. This facility also mixes traditional Vedanta, Yoga, and Ayurveda with international wellness experiences, exercise, and wholesome organic food to rebalance and harmonise energy.

Viveda, Nashik

The perfect setting for regaining identity, revitalising your body and mind, and going through a metamorphosis. It is a wellness centre with Indian hospitality ideals that promotes healthy lifestyles by utilising traditional wellness and medical knowledge.

Atmantan, Pune

For those seeking to reach new personal wellness heights, Atmantan is the ideal pit stop for wellness. The ultimate location for reconnecting with yourself, reviving your body, and resetting your mind, guests are cared for and served here with genuine Indian hospitality. It is a location for chan

Ananda Wellness, Hrishikesh, Himalayas

In Ananda Wellness learn about the Yogic Chakras and the healing art of Ayurveda while utilising age-old herbal medicines to reach illuminating postures.

Veda Rehab & Wellness

Veda Rehab & Wellness, India’s leading chain of superlative luxury wellness centres, has recently launched its new flagship mental wellness centre at a posh location in Chhatarpur, New Delhi. Spread over a vast area of 13,000 sq. ft., Veda’s new centre boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities and is aimed at providing world-class treatment services and in-facility care for the elite who are suffering from various mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, etc., without them having to compromise on their lifestyle, security and privacy.

Source: IANS