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What to keep in mind when buying hair clippers

The more you use the razor, the better the blades should get

By Sonal Hankare

January 15, 2023 (IANSlifeChoosing a good hair clipper—the electric-powered buzzer that trims hair to precise lengths—can be difficult for people who are just starting out as their own stylist. You should be aware of the traits to look for since there are several types of hair clippers. Here are five things to think about before purchasing a new hair clipper.


Hair clippers normally come in two varieties: corded and cordless. A corded hair clipper, which can only be used when plugged into an outlet and functions without a battery that runs out of power and needs to be replaced, is frequently more powerful and can be used for longer periods of time.

On the other hand, a cordless hair clipper is more flexible and rechargeable. This type can be used anywhere because it does not tether you to an outlet. However, you run the danger of running out of power midway through your haircut if you don’t routinely charge a cordless clipper.


The extra-wide, high-quality t-type stainless steel blades are self-sharpening and increase the effectiveness of your cut.

Take note of the hair clippers & accessories provided.

Guidelines are those plastic clip-on guards that keep the blades away from the hair while yet allowing for exact length cutting. Professional hair clippers will all include some guides. A comb, brush, hair scissors, micro trimmer attachments, and extra blades are just a few of the many extras that some professional hair clippers provide. Having all the necessary instruments makes haircutting less stressful. Keep an eye out for replacements’ availability in case of damage as well.


Depending on the product, professional hair clipper blades come in a variety of sizes. As a result, when buying a clipper, the blades need to be both the right size and sharp. The majority of hair clipper sets feature eight blade guards, each of which is numbered in ascending order and represents the amount of hair that will be left on your head (your hair will be shorter the lower the suggested number). For instance, the number one guard is the place to go if you want a buzz cut. You can also use a hair clipper unprotected to remove hair off the skin.


The motor is the actual beating heart of the hair clipper, yet it’s not a feature that many customers think about before buying. The motor in the hair clipper powers the blades so they can precisely cut your hair, much like the engine in a car. The three different types of clipper motors are the magnetic motor, the pivot motor, and the rotary motor.

The magnetic motor is simple, perfect for a plain cut, and has a large cutting volume despite being less powerful than the other two. Despite operating at a slower pace, pivot motor hair clippers are more powerful than those with magnetic motors. They have the ability to cut hair that is heavy, thick, or moist.


Another overlooked but essential step in the purchasing process is understanding the maintenance requirements of a hair clipper. The longevity, effectiveness, and efficiency of your hair clipper all depend on how well you maintain it. Always remember to lubricate your equipment by applying the provided oil. Dust the blades of the hair clipper with a brush before using it, then turn it on and mist oil droplets onto the blades’ surface. Avoid overlubricating the blades and wipe off any extra oil before using them on your hair. After usage, dust it clean using the included little brush.


The blade’s makeup and edge impact how well the hairdo turns out. The better and harder the material, the better and more precise the cut. The blade material is thus one of the most important criteria. The more you use the razor, the better the blades should get. This is because high-quality blades maintain their initial sharpness for a longer period of time.


  • The best materials, which are also the most resilient, are employed to create the best models (3x harder than stainless steel)
  • Longevity is essentially unbreakable
  • The blades are self-sharpening, thus they hardly ever go dull even when used frequently
  • The blades can be washed in water because they are rust-resistant
  • The most costly component, yet you save money by not having to grind the blades


  • Ceramics cannot compare to its strength and maintenance-free nature
  • It is not advised to clean with water because it is not rust-resistant
  • Because it is one of the least expensive materials, we may find it on the most affordable cutters
  • Least persists (risk of rusting)

Stainless steel

  • While stainless steel and steel are quite similar, the former does not rust and the latter has washable blades
  • It is one of the materials used most frequently to make blades
  • Given that it is one of the less expensive materials, it is appropriate for those who do not want to use the professional hair clipper as frequently as, say, titanium

Japanese steel

  • Japanese steel is more durable and sharp than European steel, enabling extremely precise cuts and cutting methods
  • Sharper than stainless steel, lasts longer
  • Blades can be cleaned
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