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5 Whisky Pairings for Indian Food

Whisky and Indian food can make a fantastic combo if paired correctly

By IANSlife

January 18, 2023 (IANSlifeAlthough the robust flavours of both whisky and Indian cuisine may seem to be an odd match, they can work nicely together. There is always a whisky that may bring out the flavour of food with new and unique vitality, whether it be the delicious cuisines of the north, or the freshness of food from the south, east, or west.

Make a note of the sort of whisky you are pairing, along with the age, type of grain used, and the distillation level, while attempting to determine which type of whisky pairs best with the meal you are indulging in. The chore of choosing the ideal pairing can frequently appear difficult to those who aren’t consummate whisky enthusiasts, therefore to improve your dining experience, here are the best whisky pairings shared by an alcoholic beverage brand – NeuWorld :

Butter Chicken or Paneer and International Flavor Whisky

Depending on how much milk or butter is used, Indian dishes like butter chicken or paneer can be incredibly rich and flavorful. It is frequently ideal to combine a dish like butter chicken or butter paneer with a smooth and full-bodied whisky, like a Royal Tribe. The whisky’s richness can also help counteract the spice that butter chicken frequently possesses.

Biryani and Blended Scotch

One of the most popular dishes in the nation is probably biryani, and mixing it with the correct whisky can really elevate the entire meal and give you a completely new experience. It is recommended to match a bolder, older whisky, such as Grants Triple Oak, with a spicy biryani dish if you are indulging in one. Stronger, more aggressive whiskies typically have a higher alcohol level and a stronger flavour profile, which will carry throughout your entire meal.

Tandoori and Blended Whisky with Scotch

There is no denying that because tandoori preparations are such a traditional dish, they require a classic whisky to go with them. One of the greatest and most appropriate options for this match is blended whisky, especially if you are enjoying a non-vegetarian tandoori dish. The peatiness of a robust, blended whisky like NeuWorld – Downing Street, blended with scotch, would be a wonderful match and produce a harmonious combination with the smokey tastes of the tandoori.

Vada-Pav-Pakoda, Coffee and Irish Whisky

A good whisky combination can be made with typical snacks and well-known Indian fast food dishes as well as with a full course entrée. Pakoda & Vada-Pav, Two of the most well-known fast food items, so it is vital to include a whisky that may be combined with coffee for this adored treat. Fast food selections go perfectly with Jameson Irish Whiskey in a drink with coffee, especially if you enjoy them throughout the cooler months of the year.

Dal and High Proof Bourbon

Depending on how it is prepared and the kind of lentils used, dal is one of the most adaptable foods and is loved all across the nation. Even while dal is typically served as a side dish to go with the meal’s major source of carbohydrates, pairing it with a fine whisky may really bring out the dal’s richness and give you an entirely different flavour profile. Dal is typically flavorful, so the best drink to match it with is typically a Bourbon whisky. A mellow and smooth whisky, such a Jim Beam Whisky, pairs well with many different sorts of dishes and may really improve your dining experience.

If you choose the proper whisky to complement the tastes of the meal, whisky and Indian food can make a fantastic combo. There are many different whisky varieties available, each with a distinctive flavour profile, so deciding which one to choose will rely on the particular qualities of the Indian meal you plan to serve it with. Finding a balance between the strong flavours of both whisky and Indian food is ultimately the secret to successful matching. To find the combinations that suit your tastes the best, don’t be scared to experiment.

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